Rurin d'Sivis
Rurin d'Sivis, from Dungeon Magazine issue #147
Rurin d'Sivis
Home Passage, Aundair
Gender Male
Race Gnome
3rd edition rules
Level (CR) 5 (CR 5)
Class Magewright 5
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Source Dragon Magazine issue #147

Rurin d'Sivis is a somewhat shady member of the House Sivis Notaries Guild in Passage, Aundair. Rurin possesses a Least Mark of Scribing, which he uses to cast arcane mark for the House Kundarak enclave.[1]


Rurin is in charge of all the documentation for the bank. In addition, he creates the keycharms and locks for the bank. He is a magewright, and in his spare time he works on magical creations. While trying to create a golem, Rurin accidentally created a tool swarm, which not only assists him with his work, but also protects his office in the House Kundarak bank.

Rurin has falsified documents in the past for the right price. He has also occasionally smuggled specific documentation out of the bank. Despite being cautious, Rurin has aroused the suspicions of Lord Brannick d'Kundarak, the head of the House Kundarak bank.[1]

Weapons & EquipmentEdit

Rurin d'Sivis has created hundreds of tiny tools that follow Rurin's commands to the best of their ability. They constitute a tool swarm that Rurik uses to aide in this work.[1]


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