368 ED Stillwater-1
Expeditionary Dispatches:
Refuge in the Mournland: Stillwater Station
Publication Dragon magazine issue #368
Date October 2008
Publisher Wizards of the Coast
Type Game mechanics
Author Glenn McDonald
Illustrator Ron Lemen
Pages 67-71
Edition 4th ed.
Series Expeditionary Dispatches
Preceded by Lost Village of Janus Gull
Followed by Mournland Express

Ashford Terra, gentleman rogue, is renowned for his ability to fence virtually any item in Khorvaire. Operating primarily out of Sharn, in recent years he has specialized in trafficking artifacts and items recovered from the blasted wastes of the Mournland. Although loath to visit the cursed lands of Old Cyre, he must occasionally do so in pursuit of business interests. He sent the following dispatch to his compatriot, the Sharn tavern keeper Carnaby Goebb:

"...of all my adventures on this, my most recent and hopefully final expedition to Old Cyre, the last was surely the strangest. Consider this, friend Carnaby: There exists now, on the fetid soil of the Mournland, an actual frontier town! Just south of Lake Cyre, on the old lightning rail line to Metrol, an unlikely alliance of settlers and scavengers has founded a permanent community. They call it Stillwater Station, and although it is a primitive and wild place, it is indeed a functioning trading post. Had I not seen it with mine own eyes, I would never have believed it. Fresh water, a tavern, and a modest offering of goods..."

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