Races of Stone
Type Sourcebook
Edition 3rd ed. (3.5)
Author David Noonan, Jesse Decker, and Michelle Lyons
Publisher Wizards of the Coast
Date August 1, 2004
ISBN-10 0-7869-3278-3
ISBN-13 978-0-7869-3278-8
Binding Hardcover
Pages 192

From underground caverns to rolling canyons to mountain crags, bold adventurers emerge from among the hardiest people - folk who possess an affinity with the earth itself. Drawing strength and security from their surroundings, along with the skills needed to survive, the champions of these races of stone have etched their names in legend.

This supplement for the Dungeons & Dragons game provides detailed information on the psychology, culture, behavior, religion, folklore, and other aspects of the races of stone: dwarves, gnomes, and goliaths - a new race presented here. In addition to new subraces and monster races playable as characters, Races of Stone also provides new prestige classes, feats, spells, magic items, equipment, monsters, and rules for magic rune circles.

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