Script Quor
Spoken by Inspired; Kalashtar; Quori

Quor is the language of the natives of the plane of Dal Quor. The most significant of these inhabitants is the Quori, have invaded Eberron multiple times in the past. The quori have brought their language to Eberron through their Inspired: psychic overlords who serve as vessels for the quori. Quori is one of the dominant languages of the continent of Sarlona, the continent of the Inspired.[1][2]


Below are known quori words and their Common translations:[1][2][3]

  • il-Lashtavar: the darkness that dreams
  • il-Yannah: the great light
  • il-altas: great spirits
  • altavars: dark spirits
  • yannahilath: light speakers
  • yannahsur: light bringers
  • sheshantol: shadow watchers


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