Pylas Talaear (Small City, 10,460) :

This port city is the primary point of contact between Aerenal and the rest of Eberron. It includes outposts of all of the dragonmarked houses except house Orien. The primary purpose of the city is commerce; it does have one mystical university, but Pylas is filled with lumber yards, warehouses, and marketplaces selling a wide variety of goods. The governor of Pylas Talaear, Syraen Melideth (LN female elf, wizard 13), is a beautiful elf with a fullsized skull tattooed on her face, Syraen took her post at the start of the Last War, and over the last century has come to view humans more sympathetically than most of her kind. However, she is ruthless when it comes to maintaining order within her city, and adventurers must watch their step in Pylas Talaear.

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