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Praxle Arrant d'Sivis is a main character featured in the novel The Orb of Xoriat. He is a gnome professor; lecturer at Korranberg University, a Sorcerer and Illusionist. He has a half-orc servant named Jeffers.

My power grows every year, monk. Your power will fade as you age. I can create. You can only destroy.
  — Praxle d'Sivis


He once taught Thrane Military Studies as it was the only empty chair in the university faculty.

Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.
After Praxle is defeated by Teron for attempting to steal the Orb of Xoriat and kill him, he is forced to agree to a list of terms set out by Teron.


Praxle is described as being richly dressed and taller than the average gnome. He also wears a hat.


  • Edward Bolme stated that Praxle was inspired by Dr. Miguelito Quixote Loveless from the 1960's TV show Wild Wild West.
  • The alignment of this character is never officially documented and the alignment given is an educated approximation by this wiki.


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