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Port Verge
Country Lhazaar Principalities, Diresharks
Local Ruler Prince Kolberkon
Population 1,100
Human 42%
Gnomes 16%
Half-elves 14%
Changelings 12%
Dwarves 5%
Elves 4%
Halflings 4%
Other 3%

Port Verge is a small town on the southern tip of Questor Island in the Lhazaar Principalities. It is governed by Prince Kolberkon and is the seat of the Principality of the Diresharks.

Prince Kolberkon, in an attempt to surpass Prince Rygar of the Seadragons Principality and his seat of Regalport in importance, is negotiating deals with the Emerald Claw and House Lyrandar for funds and infrastucture.


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