This page is a collection of poll results that began being displayed on the home page in August 2015. For previous poll results please visit Poll Results. Date format: dd/mm/yy

Would you play 5th edition Eberron? Edit

Player's handbook 5th edition

Image used for the first poll.

First Displayed: 05/08/15

Yes, I can't wait!

71.93%  (82 votes)

No, I prefer 4th edition

02.63%  (03 votes)

No, I prefer 3.5th edition

18.42%  (21 votes)

I'll wait until it's released

07.02%  (08 votes)

Do you want a new original race in 5th edition Eberron? Edit

Dungeon master's guide 5th edition

First Displayed: 15/09/15

Yes, and perhaps more than one

58%  (58 votes)

Yes, but just one

14%  (14 votes)

No, I'd like only the current ones

26%  (26 votes)

No, I want fewer races

02%  (02 votes)

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