A magma and an ice paraelemental, from the Manual of the Planes
Avg. Height Varies (4' - 40')
Avg. Weight Varies (1 - 24,000 lbs.)
Homeland(s) Fernia; Lamannia; Risia
Language(s) Varies
3rd edition rules
Creature Type Elemental (Air, Earth, Fire, or Water)
Advancement By hit dice
Size Small to Huge
Source Manual of the Planes, pg. 180-185

Paraelementals are the synthesis of two elemental forces within a single elemental creature. These creatures roam the planes of Eberron, occasionally crossing over to the Material Plane through manifest zones. They range in size from "Small" to "Elder".[1][2]


Four species of paraelementals have been classified:[1][2]

Ice ParaelementalEdit

Ice paraelementals combine the elements of air and water. They call the plane of Risia home, and speak Aquan and Auran. Their voices have a serene, tinkling quality at odds with their fearsome appearance as roughly hewn, translucent statue of ice, covered head to toe in sharpened icicles.

Magma ParaelementalEdit

Magma paraelementals combine the elements of earth and fire. They are natives of the plane of Fernia, and speak both Ignan and Terran. Magma paraelementals are hulking, rock-colored humanoids composed entirely of lava.

Ooze ParaelementalEdit


A smoke and an ooze paraelemental

Ooze paraelementals combine the elements of earth and water. They call the plane of Lamannia their home, and speak both Aquan and Terran in burbling tones. They resemble a pool of muck, with a dark brown torso, head, and arms rising from the pool.

Smoke ParaelementalEdit

Smoke paraelementals combine air and fire. They are also native to Lamannia. Smoke paraelementals speak both Auran and Ignan in hissing, crackling voices. They look like a pillar of thick black smoke with red-hit cinders for eyes and sickle-shaped claws on the end of their two massive arms.


All paraelementals have the same attack methodology: they will use their elemental claws to swipe at their foes, attacking with damage appropriate to their composition. Ooze paraelementals have the ability to swim, while smoke paraelementals have the ability to fly. All paraelementals are immune to damage from their hybrid composition types, and are vulnerable to their opposite elements.[1]


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