Alignment NG
Portfolio Crafts, weapons, tools, smithing, fire, innovation.
Domains Artifice, Creation, Fire, Good, Metal, Warforged
Favored Weapon warhammer

The Sovereign of Forge and Flame Onatar is revered by smiths, craftsmen, artificers, dwarves and even a small portion of warforged. Wizards and Psions tied closely to the forces of fire also revere Onatar. It is he who introduced tools and weapons to the mortal races and continues to encourage people to improve upon them. Legend also states that it was he who gave fire to the mortals to help them through the cold winters.

The husband of Olladra and the father of Kol Korran and the Keeper Onatar is often portrayed as dwarven smith and occasionally as a brass dragon.

The Sovereign Host
Arawai · Aureon · Balinor · Boldrei · Dol Arrah · Dol Dorn · Kol Korran · Olladra · Onatar

References Edit

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