Mulraargo, from City of Stormreach
Aliases Mulraargo, the Tar-Skinned Troll
Home Xen'drik
Gender Male
Race Troll
3rd edition rules
Level (CR) 7 (CR 12)
Class Rogue 5/Ranger 2
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Source City of Stormreach, pg. 134
4th edition rules
Level 12
Role Elite Brute
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Source City of Stormreach 4th ed. conversion

Mulraargo, the Tar-Skinned Troll, lurks within the wilds of Xen'drik. Mulraargo appears as a troll with oil-slick black skin, covered in boils and sores that ooze a viscous sludge. He stalks his prey deep within the jungles, where sightings of him bring fear to the explorers from Stormreach. Mulraargo is extremely stealthy for a Troll; some say he has the ability to melt into a puddle of inky ooze, which allows him to sneak up on his prey. Mulraargo enjoys picking off members of an expedition one at a time, savoring the mounting fear among the survivors almost as much he does the flesh of their companions.[1]


Unlike other trolls, Mulraargo has the ability to melt down into a sludge of black liquid, as the result of being tainted by some foul magical pollution. In sludge form, Mulraargo can engulf his prey, drowning them in the thick sludge. In sludge form, Mulraargo can seep into the smallest of openings. Mulraargo is also an expert tracker and hunter.

Also unlike other trolls, Mulraargo speaks both Common and Giant, and possesses darkvision out to 90 feet.[1]


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