Members of the Mosaic Committee, from Five Nations
Mosaic Committee
Homebase Arcanix, Aundair

The Mosaic Committee is a secret society nestled within the Arcane Congress floating high above the city of Arcanix. This sect of wizards believe that the fulfillment of the Draconic Prophecy will result in the destruction of the world. They feel the only way to avert the future cataclysm is to destroy pieces of the Prophecy as they are discovered or prevent the Prophecy from being revealed in the first place.

Their goal brings the committee in conflict with the Chamber, the sect of powerful dragons who seek out the Draconic Prophecy. The committee is comprised of powerful wizards, however, and feel righteous in their cause. Nonetheless, the committee meets in secret, in a room with the mosaic decoration that gives the committee its name.[1]


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