Kresht Rhyll, "The Forest of Flesh"
Area Droaam
Ruler Mordain the Fleshweaver

Mordain's Hall (also known as Blackroot) is a massive tower close to Droaam's western border, and the residence of Mordain the Fleshweaver. It reaches high up into the sky, and is shaped somewhat like a malformed limb, seemingly made out of the flesh of a black dragon. The walls bleed when struck, but the tower's wounds heal extraordinarily fast. Gruesome flesh-golems and malformed creatures (the results of Mordain's experiments) patrol around the hall. The tower has been magically protected against scrying and teleportation by Mordain.

Long ago, Mordain released skinweavers into the woods surrounding his tower. These strange creatures weave webs using their victims entrails, skin and other assorted body parts, thus making it a monstrous place which the gnolls call Kresht Rhyll, the forest of flesh. They are not the only strange creatures living here, and any possible combination of twisted, bestial creatures grafted together may dwell in these woods, alongside even stranger beings such as aberrant dryads. Most of these creatures have had their instincts, dietary needs or reproductive cycles changed in order to be able to fit so many predators in so small an area. Some known creations of Mordain that live here include:

Due to Mordain's power the forest is thick and lush, with a strange combination of flora that cannot be found elsewhere. Several of the plans inside of the forest are subterranean in nature. Examples include:

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