The former capital of Cyre, this ruined metropolis lies on the eastern boundary of the Mournland. It is an enticing target for adventurers and fortune hunters due to its former status and the bounty of riches which were held in this once great city of the Kingdom of Galifar.

Ghostbeasts wander the city as well as living spells and other deadly Mournland creatures. Combined with the nature of the Mournland and its inherent difficulties, such as the lack of healing, make the city a deadly place to risk for the sake of potential riches.

However, even the powerful cannot resist the lure. And, King Kaius III of Karrnath, House Orien, House Ghallanda, and Prince-in-Exile Oargev ir'Wynarn of New Cyre are working on a joint effort to re-open the Lightning Rail station in Metrol, which was a major transportation hub prior to the Mourning, and are offering bounties for information on its status. Unfortunately, the Mournland has wreaked geographical damage in addition to the magical and physical torments it inflicted, and the station, if it still exists seems to have been displaced from its original location, making it difficult for seekers to find.


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