Mathas Allister is a character featured in the novel In the Claws of the Tiger. He is an aged elf and long time friend of Janik Martell. He is described as having grey hair and thin lips and has an extensive knowledge of wines.

I find myself drawn to windows these days I don't know what it is - I can find endless amusement in just staring out, no matter what's on the other side.


Mathas claims to have been alive long before Janik was even born and that he even once met King Thalin in Thrane. Mathas accompanied Janik on his adventure into Mel-Aqat. His favourite restaurant is the Azure Gateway located in Sharn's Skyway district. He enjoys the Azure Gateway because of its food and because of its headwaiter, a half-elf wizard named Ravvan whom he befriended a few years ago. He met Maija Olarin when studying religion at the Pavilion of the Host, it was her that suggested to Janik that Mathas should join the expedition.

After the expedition he began to live in Aundair where he was spied on for three years by Kelas ir'Daran of the Royal Eyes of Aundair.

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