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Marked for Death
Marked for Death
Type Novel
Author Matt Forbeck
Publisher Wizards of the Coast
Date March 1, 2005
ISBN-10 0-7869-3610-X
ISBN-13 978-0-7869-3610-6
Binding Paperback
Pages 384
Series The Lost Mark
Preceded by Coming Home
Followed by Road to Death

Twelve Dragonmarks. Sigils of immense magical power. Borne by scions of mighty Houses, used through the centuries to wield authority and shape wonders throughout Eberron. But there are only twelve marks. Until now. Matt Forbeck begins the terrifying saga of the thirteenth dragonmark... The Mark of Death

Notable CharactersEdit

  • Kandler, the human justicar of the small town of Mardakine on the border of the Mournland, where he and his step-daughter Esprë settled after the death of his wife Esprina.
  • Burch, a shifter and the deputy justicar of Mardakine. Burch is an old, trusted friend of Kandler.
  • Esprë, the blonde half-elven daughter of Esprina, and step-daughter to Kandler. Young Esprë manifests the Mark of Death, a dragonmark thought lost to time.
  • Mardak, the dwarven founder and mayor of Mardakine. Mardak helped clear the environs of the city with Kandler and Burch.
  • Deothen, commander of a squad of Knights of the Silver Flame sent to Mardakine by the Voice of the Flame in search of the lost Mark of Death.
  • Sallah, a female hot-tempered red-haired knight and second-in-command under Deothen.
  • Levritt, a lanky young blonde-haired knight under the command of Deothen. Levritt was too young to completely remember the Last War.
  • Te'oma, a changeling agent of the Lich Queen Vol, sent by her mistress to find the wearer of the Mark of Death.

Plot SynopsisEdit

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