Dragonmarks Lyrandar

From top to bottom: The least, lesser, greater and siberys Mark of Storms

The Mark of Storm gives its bearer power over the weather, from calm winds to raging rainstorms.


The half-elves of House Lyrandar bear the Mark of Storm and through the Windwright Guild they all but monopolize in the business of shipping and transportation across sea and sky. The house also aids farmers through its Raincallers Guild who help to supplement farming communities during both floods and droughts. Unmarked house members are often successful farmers, crew mates on water based and air ships or plantation owners.


  • Least: Endure elements, fog cloud or gust of wind 1/day; +2 bonus on Balance checks
  • Lesser: Sleet storm, wind's favor or wind wall 1/day
  • Greater: Control winds or control weather 1/day


  • Storm of vengeance 1/day

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