Dragonmarks Deneith

From top to bottom: The least, lesser, greater and siberys Mark of Sentinel

The bearers of the Mark of Sentinel possess a number of powers designed to keep others from coming to harm.

The humans of House Deneith carry the Mark of Sentinel. They put their powers to use in the Defenders Guild, which offers comprehensive bodyguard services to persons of position and wealth. The house also provides sentinel marshals that have jurisdiction across national boundaries. House Deneith originated in Karrnath, but the Defenders Guild operates across Khorvaire.

The unmarked members of House Deneith work as bodyguards without the benefit of magical assistance.


  • Least: Mage armor, protection from arrows, shield of faith or shield other 1/day; +2 bonus to Sense Motive checks
  • Lesser: Protection from energy, lesser globe of invulnerability 1/day
  • Greater: Globe of invulnerability 1/day


  • Mind blank 1/day

References Edit

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