Dragonmarks Sivis

From top to bottom: The least, lesser, greater and siberys Mark of Scribing

The Mark of Scribing gives its bearers access to a variety of power related to the written word and communication, often over great distances.


The gnomes of House Sivis are the carriers of the Mark of Scribing and through their Speakers Guild they offer service as both translators and mediators between different races but also as instant, long distance communication in their more powerful members.

House Sivis also has its hand in the business as notories, using arcane mark and illusory script to certify or hide important documents. Unmarked members are usually translators, mediators, messengers and some truely charismatic gnomes become diplomats.


  • Least: Whispering winds or comprehend languages 1/day or arcane mark 2/day; +2 bonus on Decipher Script checks
  • Lesser: Illusory script , secret page or tongues 1/day
  • Greater: Sending 1/day


  • Symbol of death 1/day

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