Dragon Magazine 353-59
Dragonmarks: Manifestly Strange
Publication Dragon Magazine issue #353
Date March 2007
Publisher Paizo Publishing
Type Game mechanics
Author Amber E. Scott (with intro by Keith Baker)
Illustrator Jon Hodgson
Pages 74-77
Edition 3rd ed. (3.5)
Series Dragonmarks
Preceded by Warforged: Fierce and Furious
Followed by Boromar Clan

The breathtaking towers of Sharn spiral into the sky, held aloft by miracles of magic and engineering -- and by the Syrania manifest zone that encompasses the area. Without that connection to the Azure Sky, the towers would wobble and collapse like children's toys.

Manifest zones occur when a location on Eberron develops a strong connection to another plane. The effects of a manifest zone depend on its connector plane, its strength, and the plane's current position in relation to Eberron. Its effects never vanish, however, and in some cases they create a major impact on Eberron's geography and inhabitants. This article details three such manifest zones, their special abilities, and random encounter tables keyed to each location.

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