Magic of Eberron
Type Sourcebook
Edition 3rd ed. (3.5)
Author Bruce R. Cordell, Stephen Schubert,
and Chris Thomasson
Publisher Wizards of the Coast
Date October 1, 2005
ISBN-10 0-7869-3696-7
ISBN-13 978-0-7869-3696-0
Binding Hardcover
Pages 160

Magic suffuses the world of Eberron, enriching it with power. Dragons were the first to master it, but over time it has evolved to serve the needs of countless others, from the giants of Xen'drik and the elves of Aerenal to the citizens of modern Khorvaire. Whether you choose to explore the magic of the present age or delve into the truly ancient arts is up to you.

This book exposes the magic and eldritch wonder of Eberron. In addition to presenting new arcane and divine spells, feats, prestige classes, and magic items, Magic of Eberron offers new options and infusions for artificers, explores dragon totem magic and the twisted experiments of the daelkyr, sheds light on the process of elemental binding, and touches on other types of magic present in the world.

Table of ContentsEdit

  • Magic of Eberron
    • Artifice
    • Elemental Binding
    • Dragonshards
    • The Draconic Prophecy
    • Daelkyr Magic
    • Dragon Totem Rituals
    • Psionics
    • Magic of Aerenal
    • Magic of Karrnath
    • Eberron Organizations
  • Character Options
  • Prestige Classes
  • Spells and Powers
    • Spells and Infusions
    • Psionic Powers
  • Magic Items & Equipment
    • Artificer Items
    • Dragonshard Items
    • Minor Schemas
    • Daelkyr Items
    • Psionic Items
    • Warforged Components
    • Grafts
    • Additional Goods and Services
  • Creatures

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