Eye of the Wolf Page 30
Mace vs. Suradin, from Eberron: Eye of the Wolf
Home Formerly Cyre
Gender Male-personality
Race Warforged
Class Artificer

Mace is a character featured in the comic book Eye of the Wolf. He was a warforged artificer that fought for the nation of Cyre during the Last War. In 994 YK, he joined Captain Greykell ir'Ryc's squad on a mission to stop Karrnathi troops from recovering a relic from a Dhakaani Empire. Mace survived the Day of Mourning, but his current whereabouts are unknown.[1]


Mace was a warforged artificer, designed by House Cannith and sold to Cyre. He fought for Cyre during the Last War. In 994 YK, Mace was one of eight Cyran elite troops sent on a find-and-kill mission into the wilderness of Droaam. This squad, commanded by Captain Greykell ir'Ryc, was assigned to find a squad of Karrnathi troops who were after an ancient goblin relic, The Key to the Kingdom of Night.

The Cyran squad was ambushed by the Karrns, with only Greykell and Mace surviving. However, the Karrns were attacked by a battalion of gnolls under the command of a medusa. The survivors of both squads were captured by the gnolls and brought to the Daughters of Sora Kell, where they were pitted against each other in a hunt for the Key.

While Mace was seriously wounded by the Karrnathi commander, a vampire named Suradin. However, Greykell succeeded in retrieving the Key to the Kingdom of Night. The Daughters of Sora Kell healed Mace and Greykell, and the two returned to Cyre.

However, upon their return they found Cyre destroyed in the Day of Mourning. At some point after that, Greykell and Mace parted ways. Mace's current status and whereabouts are unknown.[1]


Mace was an artificer, and had the abilities typical of that class. He could use is abilities to repair his own body. He could also detect the magics flowing through items, and disrupt them if necessary.

Mace has a warforged embedded spiked chain which replaced his right hand. In addition, Mace was designed to be a front-line fighter, with tougher armor than a normal warforged. Mace also also wielded a spiked shield.[1]


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