Encountering Lurking Two-Maws, from City of Stormreach
Lurking Two-Maws
Home Xen'drik
Gender Female
Race Advanced Mutated Swordtooth Titan
3rd edition rules
Level (CR) 42 HD (CR 16)
Alignment Neutral
Source City of Stormreach, pg. 134-135
4th edition rules
Level 21
Role Solo Controller
Alignment Unaligned
Source City of Stormreach 4th edition conversion

Lurking Two-Maws is a mutated swordtooth titan that roams the jungles of Xen'drik. This gargantuan creature is much larger than others of her kind, and has been mutated by mysterious forces within Xen'drik to have received a second mouth emerging from her body, with numerous tentacles whipping about, ready to ensnare its victims.[1]

Appearance & AbilitiesEdit

Lurking Two-Maws look mostly like one of her swordtooth titan brethren, except much larger in size. However, unlike other swordtooth titans, Lurking Two-Maws has a second mouth, ringed with fangs emerging from her chest. Surrounding this second mouth, seven tentacles emerge from Lurking Two-Maws' body. These tentacles can whip out and ensnare her prey, drawing them upwards and into her awaiting second mouth. Survivors of her attack have witnessed Two-Maws devour dozens of men, one right after another.

In addition to this second mouth, Lurking Two-Maws has the abilities of a normal swordtooth titan: powerful hind legs and jaws, sharpened teeth, the ability to track by scent, and low-light vision.[1]


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