367 ED Janus Gull-1
Expeditionary Dispatches:
Lost Village of Janus Gull
Publication Dragon magazine issue #367
Date September 2008
Publisher Wizards of the Coast
Type Game mechanics
Author Glenn McDonald
Illustrator Ryan Barger
Pages 21-24
Edition 4th ed.
Series Expeditionary Dispatches
Preceded by Dolurrh's Dawn
Followed by Refuge in the Mournland:
Stillwater Station

In the waning days of the Purge - an attempt by the Church of the Silver Flame to eradicate all lycanthropes from the face of Eberron - Aundairian paladin Cormac Mael was dispatched to the Eldeen Reaches to lead a retinue of hunters. In the year 880 YK, just before being recalled to Aundair, Cormac and his band took shelter in the fishing village of Janus Gull on the northern shores of Lake Galifar.

To his surprise, the zealously ascetic paladin met and instantly fell in love with a local villager, Esme, the teenaged daughter of the town's sole smith. Cormac found that, despite his allegiance to the Church, he was dangerously fixated on her. Making matters worse, Esme spurned Cormac’s advances, as she counted many shifters among her friends and found the Church’s genocidal campaign against lycanthropes to be abhorrent. When Cormac attempted to force himself on her, the town rallied to her defense - driving the paladin from town and into the surrounding forest.