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Loro Moonweave is the grandfather of Baba Moonweave. A powerful druid, he helped Herrgoth d'Cannith track down a magical relic called the Dying Sun from Xendrick many years ago. He is now presumed dead. His magical totem braid was given to Baba by a changeling disguised as a Bishop from the Sovereign Host.

Herrgoth d'Cannith has been questioned about Loro's death by Baba and appears to be innocent of any wrong doing. The relic, when activated, produces an arcane blast so devastating it is believed to have caused the destruction of Cyre and what is called the "Dead Grey Mist". Loro Moonweave was apparently with this relic when it "went off" and somehow made it out of the Mournlands and back to Herrgoth's doorstep. He had drawn a map of the route he took from the Mournlands that led back to the relic.

Notes: Druid