Long Shadows (26–28 Vult): When the Sovereign Lord Aureon created the first arcane spells, he brought a source of darkness into the world—a sentient force of pure magic that stole his shadow to serve as its vessel. According to myth, the Shadow lurks in the dark spaces of the world, spreading dread and despair, spawning foul monsters and granting power to those who use magic for corruption or evil purposes. Regardless of the truth of these tales, there are three days in Vult when dark magic dominates—the three nights of Long Shadows. For most people, this is a time to stay indoors and huddle around a fire. For the minions of darkness, it is a time to rise up and leave the shadows, preying on the weak and foolish who ignore the legends.

In Sharn, the primary worshipers of the dark deity are the monsters of Droaam. Human followers of the Shadow are usually wizards and sorcerers, and it is possible that a mage would need to complete a particular arcane experiment—such as the construction of an eldritch machine—during Long Shadows.

Holy Day Edit

Long Shadows is also a festival for the vassals of the Dark Six religion.

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