Dragon Magazine 324-44
Living Nightmares:
Dream Creatures of Dal Quor
Publication Dragon Magazine issue #324
Date October 2004
Publisher Paizo Publishing
Type Game mechanics
Author Keith Baker
Illustrator Udon
Pages 44-54
Edition 3rd ed. (3.5)

In the Eberron campaign setting, mortals touch another plane when they sleep: Dal Quor, the Region of Dreams. The quori, outsiders that gave birth to the kalashtar and the Inspired, claim this realm. Dal Quor is a plane of flowing shadows, constantly shifting to reflect the subconscious desires of mortal minds and the lesser spirits that prowl its fringes.

The Eberron Campaign Setting describes one inhabitant of Dal Quor: the tsucora quori, which feeds on the primal fears of its victims. This article presents seven additional denizens of dream, divided into three categories: eidolons, drifters, and quori.

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