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Eberron Campaign Setting Edit

Basic Components

  • Armblade (attached)
  • Armbow (attached)
  • Battlefist (attached)
  • Disk of Energy Resistance (embedded)
  • Essence of the Scout (embedded)
  • Essence of the Scout, Improved (embedded)
  • Essence of the Scout, Greater (embedded)
  • Final Messenger (embedded)
  • Wand Sheath (embedded)

Docent Components

  • Docents

Artifact Components

  • Circlet of Preservation (attached)
  • Tauric Belt (attached)

Secrets of Xen'DrikEdit

Basic Components

  • Behemoth Belt (embedded)
  • Belt of Fortification (embedded)
  • Claw Gauntlet (attached)
  • Elemental Axe (attached)
  • Essence of the Jungle (embedded)
  • Essence of the Jungle, Improved (embedded)
  • Essence of the Jungle, Greater (embedded)
  • Spinning Flail (attached)

Docent Component

  • Shira

Artifact Components

  • Defense of the Makers (attached?)
  • Scorpion Belt (embedded)

The Forge of WarEdit

Basic Componets

  • Finger Picks (embedded)
  • Projection Orb (embedded)
  • Somatic Cables (embedded)

Races of EberronEdit

Basic Components

  • Command Circlet (attached)
  • Essence of the Guard (embedded)
  • Essence of the Guard, Improved (embedded)
  • Essence of the Guard, Greater (embedded)
  • Tracker Mask (attached)
  • Traction Claws (attached)

Artifact Components

  • Dragonshard Core (embedded)
  • Winged Cape (attached)

Explorer's HandbookEdit

  • Monocle of the Ebon Hunter (embedded)
  1. Lesser
  2. Greater
  • Vanguard Treads (embedded)

Dragon Magazine # 341Edit

Basic Components

  • Circlet of the Third Eye
  • Disk of Illumination
  • Disk of Shadow
  • Gauntlets of the Deft Hand
  • Gauntlets of Excavation
  • Iron-Toothed Girdle
  • Jewels of Dazzling Light
  • Scorpion Brand
  • Spring-Heeled Boots
  • Stone of Internal Fire

Artifact Components

  • The Clone Mask

Dragon Magazine # 352Edit

  • Battle Visor
  • Camoflauged Compartment


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