By various authors

The Blade of the FlameEdit

By Tim Waggoner

The Chronicles of Abraxis WrenEdit

By Paul Crilley

Draconic PropheciesEdit

By James Wyatt

The Dragon BelowEdit

By Don Bassingthwaite

The Dreaming DarkEdit

By Keith Baker

Heirs of AshEdit

By Rich Wulf

The InquisitivesEdit

By Edward Bolme, Paul Crilly, Marsheila Rockwell, and Jeff LaSala

The Lanternlight FilesEdit

By Parker DeWolf

Legacy of DhakaanEdit

By Don Bassingthwaite

The Lost MarkEdit

By Matt Forbeck

Thorn of BrelandEdit

By Keith Baker

The War-TornEdit

By Adrian Cole, Edward Bolme, James Wyatt, and Graeme Davis

The Moon BreakerEdit

By Myra Scott

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