Lei d'Cannith is an artificer for a team of ex-Cyran soldiers turned adventurers. She is secretly in love with the team's leader, Daine and she also considers the group's warforged ranger, Pierce, her brother. She and her parents were excoriated after the Mourning, her parents' excoriation being post-mortem. A dragonmarked heir, daughter of Aleisa and Talin d'Cannith. Lei studied the mystical arts in Sharn and Metrol. Like many young artificers, she chose to serve in the Cannith support corps during the war. She served with the military forces of the five nations to maintain the warforged soldiers and weapons each nation had purchased from Cannith. in 993 YK, her parents arranged for her betrothal to Hadran d'Cannith, but Lei's father insisted that she serve term in the military before her marriage. Lei was assigned to the southern command of Cyre, where she served with Daine , Pierce and Jode. In 996 YK, she was excoriated from House Cannith; the reasons for this remain a mystery.

Adventuring Companions Edit


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