Krona Peak
Size Large City
Country Mror Holds
Government Oligarchy
Local Ruler Torlan Mroranon
Population 24,230
Dwarves 77%
Human 11%
Gnomes 5%
Orcs 3%
Other 4%
Purchase Limit 40,000 gp
Asset Limit 48,460,000 gp
Alignment LG

Krona Peak serves as the seat of the Iron Council and is the closest thing to a capital in the Mror Holds. It is the centre of trade for the Mror Holds with the end point of the Lightning Rail. It also houses the largest temple of Kol Korran of the Sovereign Host. Krona Peak itself is as vast as any of the other major cities across Khorvaire, though it is only about half of the size of the Mroranonhold which lies below it. Krona Peak is unique to the other holds of the clans in this respect.

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