"If it happens in the Five Nations, you'll read about it in the Korranberg Chronicle."

The Korranberg Chronicle is the most widely read source of written news in all of Khorvaire, and perhaps all of Eberron. The newspaper originated in Zilargo, and like many gnomish ventures, has worked hard to maintain a reputation for "neutrality" and "objectivity". Because of this, and because of a distribution deal with House Orien, the Chronicle is widely distributed to all the Five Nations and beyond three times per week: Mol, Wir, and Far.

Each edition of the Chronicle is made from folded broadsheet nested together. Eventually, a number of these editions are bound together to form a record of news and information.

The Chronicle is printed in Korranberg but recounts news from all over the Five Nations, Zilargo, the Mror Holds, and beyond. Royal proclamations, business solicitations, and almanac information are mixed with stories of adventurers and exciting expeditions. It is most comparable to the New York Times.

(Source: Eberron Campaign Setting 133 & 212-213)

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