Size large city
Country Zilargo
Local Ruler Council of Nine
Population 17,230
Asset Limit 40,000 galifars

The city of Korranberg is the oldest city in Zilargo and, despite not being the capital of the nation, is arguably the most important city. Home to the vaunted Library of Korranberg, which is more than a library, but perhaps the greatest collection of knowledge on the world of Eberron and among the best universities.


The city, like most of the major urban centers of Zilargo, was built on the foundations of a former hobgoblin city.

The Library of Korranberg was founded approximately 3000 years ago, as the first dragonmarks were manifesting, including the Mark of Scribing of House Sivis. Loremaster Dorius Alyre ir'Korran is credited by gnomish historians and librarians as being the founder of the Library, wanting to erect a "fortress of knowledge" to unlock the mysteries of the world.


The center of gnomish knowledge is also one of its centers of political power. The Triumvirate, that rules Zilargo from Trolanport, was originally instituted as a governing body at the Library of Korranberg. One of its representatives is still chosen from Korranberg.

The city itself, like Trolanport and Zolanberg, is administered by a Council of Nine, from which the city's triumvir is chosen. Several of the members of this Council are also members of the Aurum.

Dragonmarked HousesEdit

All of the Houses have a presence in Korranberg. However, House Sivis, whose most ancient enclave is in the city is among the most important. House Cannith, represented by Cannith South, directed by Baron Merrix d'Cannith in Sharn and House Kundarak also have important presences in the city.

Notable PlacesEdit

Lightning RailEdit

Destination Distance Travel Time 1st Class (5 sp/mi) Standard (2 sp/mi) Steerage (3 cp/mi)
Zolanberg 300 miles 10 hours 150 gp 60 gp 9 gp
Sterngate 386 miles 23h, 52m 343 gp 137 gp, 2 sp 20 gp, 5 sp, 2 cp
Starilaskur 1055 miles 37h, 10m 527 gp, 5 sp 211 gp 31 gp, 6 sp, 5 cp
Wroat 1994 miles 69h, 28m 997 gp 398 gp, 8 sp 59 gp, 8 sp, 2 cp
Sharn 2467 miles 86h, 14m 1233 gp, 5 sp 493 gp, 4 sp 74 gp, 1 cp
  • Note: travel times include 1 hour lay over at each station, and are based on speed of 30 miles per hour.
  • Note: distances based on map at [1].
  • Note: times and distances may vary from charts found on pp. 20-21 of the Explorer's Handbook.


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