Kolos of the Ivory Horn
Aliases Kolos the Champion
Home Stormreach, Xen'drik
Gender Male
Race Minotaur
3rd edition rules
Level (CR) 8 (CR 10)
Class Barbarian 3/Fighter 2/Expert 3
Alignment Neutral
Source City of Stormreach, pg. 102

Kolos of the Ivory Horn was once a gladiator and a slave in the Red Ring of Stormreach. His ferocity in the ring eventually led to his freedom and his establishment as a member of the Red Ring's Blood Council. He has started his own stable of champions: the Ivory Horn.[1]


Kolos was once a slave who fought within the Red Ring within the Serpent's Fang stable, a gladiatorial ring in the city of Stormreach on the continent of Xen'drik. He fought fiercely for a number of years, capturing the heart of the crowd. Eventually, he earned the title of champion by defeating an ogre of the Zolark stable named Deathreaver. Gaining his freedom, Kolos began his own stable: the Ivory Horn. His stable boasts some of the best gladiators of Stormreach, all of them from monstrous races, and none of them slaves.

Kolos has gone on to become a huge proponent of the monstrous races within Stormreach, championing their rights in the city. His views have brought him into conflict with other stable owners of the Red Ring. However, between his fame in the ring and his political maneuvering, Kolos became a member of the Blood Council, a three-member ruling party that runs the Red Ring. Kolos, alongside human Malketh Zolark and half-elf Ralzina Voraal, determines the matches, schedules, and policies of the Red Ring; as well as a nice share of its profits.

While other stablemasters despise Kolos, Kolos' beliefs have one a large amount of powerful monstrous humanoids over to his stable. Between the sheer power standing at his side, and the adoration bestowed upon him from the general population, no one is quite willing to remove Kolos from his current position.[1]


Kolos is a red-furred minotaur with polished white horns. Because of his stature within the community of Stormreach, Kolos often wears fine clothes; however, close eyes will notice that his clothing has the occasional frayed edge or missing button. Kolos is not afraid to show the burned scar that once marked him a slave of the Serpent's Fang.[1]


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