King Boranel ir'Wynarn (?? YK - present)

A bear-like warrior King Boranel is the leader of the nation of Breland. Instrumental in negotiating the Treaty of Thronehold, he's a man who suffers from the fact that he may be too noble to successfully govern his kingdom. He is, currently, one of the most popular rulers that Breland has ever known. Only time will tell if King Boranel's decisions will see the end of the monarchy in his nation or its revitalization.

King Boranel is the third son of Boranex ir'Wynarn the previous King of Breland. Boranel's two older brothers died in the Last War his younger brother Kor ir'Wynarn is the commander of the King's Citadel. Ascending to the throne in 961, he received a broad education with a lot of study in the arts of war. His most memorable teacher being an elven weaponmaster named Eliri. The impressionable young prince fell in love with her, but it was never meant to be.

In the Last War Boranel would rise to become a great general strictly through merit alone.

He married Lady Chaaseva ir'Maasat from Cyre in a great romance of Breland. During this time, he was a great treasure hunter in Xen'drik and sought out tremendous wealth in the ruins of that land. Eventually, his happiness came to an end when his Queen was murdered by parties unknown.

Boranel has outlived three wives and has eleven children. The destruction of Cyre was only the final straw for what developed into a tremendous need for peace in him. It was he who chiefly negotiated the Treaty of Thronehold and was tireless in its defense. The King has two Magebred Ghost Tigers that he keeps as pets.

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