Economic forces also

drive the wants and needs of Lower Tavick’s Landing.

Kilk has the support of the Tyrants, but has also won

the loyalty of the other merchant lords of the district.

On the surface, it appears that Kilk looks out for the

mercantile interests of his ward, but he also monitors

and manipulates events across the city. Only Thurik

Davandi can match Kilk for intrigues and scheming,

and Kilk has a web of informants and spies across the

city. He has done his best to make himself useful to

the King’s Citadel and the Guardians of the Gate,

and as a result he has developed powerful allies within

both organizations. Kilk is an invention of the Tyrants. There is

one changeling who plays the role more often than

others, but at any time Kilk could be any one of

the Tyrants—even Ek himself. Through Kilk, the

Tyrants have a second way to affect the city, and a

more respectable façade for dealing with groups such

as the King’s Citadel.

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