Kech Nasaar
Aliases The Keepers of Night
Homebase The Dhakaani Empire
Founded 16,000 years ago
Disbanded 5,000 years ago (supposed)

Legends say that the Dhakaani emperor maintained a squad of elite warriors known as the Kech Nasaar, the "Keepers of Night." [1]


16,000 years ago, the various goblin clans came together to form the Dhakaani Empire, one of the most powerful empires in the history of Khorvaire.[2] Goblin legends say that the Dhakaani emperors maintained a squad of warrior commandos dubbed the Kech Nasaar, or the "Keepers of Night." The Kech Nasaar were said to be able to move as silent as a ghost, even in full plate armor. Little information has survived about the Kech Nasaar, but the they have not been seen since the fall of the empire, some 5.000 years ago. Those same legends say that the Kech Nasaar still exist in secrecy, and that they are lying in wait for a chance at the throne of Darguun.[1]

In 994 YK, a squad of Karrnathi soldiers discovered the ruins of a Kech Nasaar shrine in what is now the nation of Droaam. They had learned of an ancient relic called Kur Lheshat Nasaar, The Key to the Kingdom of Night, and the Karrnathi government wanted it. However, the Daughters of Sora Kell intervened, and the Kur Lheshat Nasaar ended up in the hands of Greykell ir'Ryc, a captain in the Cyran army. The origin and true abilities of the Key to the Kingdom of Night remains a mystery, and the only clue was given by Sora Teraza: "You have the key. Now you must find the gate." [3]


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