An area within the nation of Karrnath, just north of the Mournland. Since its foundation House Deneith has made its stronghold here and often sends young children to be raised here in order to create a strong connection to the house that will hopefully last throughout their lives. Sentinel Tower, named for the mark the scions of the house bear, is both the ancestral home of the house as well as the keep of House Deneiths Sentinel Marshals.



Cities of Karrnath
Atur · Brek · Brom · Cannith 12 · Fort Bones · Fort Deepdark · Fort Zombie · Ice · Irontown · Jern · Karnel · Karrlakton · Korth
Lakeside · Lhaz · Loom Keep · Loran Rath · Rekkenmark · Senne · Tanar Rath · Teryk · Trag

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