Karmos Render was a famous Shifter war time hero who fought for Aundair. He rose to fame for his great deeds such as single handedly defeating a warforged titan. After the signing of the Treaty of Thronehold, Aundair gathered several of its most proven and distinguished champions to carry out a expedition into the Mournland to investigate the strange and dangerous land. Being a proven warrior and master tracker, Karmos was one of the cornerstones for this mission. This group was considered the best Aundair had to offer and their quick success and return was expected with high hopes. Unfortunately the mission failed and the inquisition has not been seen nor heard from since its initial departure on the 4th of Vult 996 YK. Mages loyal to Aundair have used divination magic and have confirmed that Karmos is still alive though, his whereabouts unknown.

Karmos wielded a powerful axe.

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