Size Small City
Country Q'barra
Local Ruler High Elder Bishma Na'kala of the
Flamebrow clan
Population 9,000
Races Dragonborn
Religions The Sovereign Host; The Dragon Below
Source Eberron Campaign Guide, pg. 150
4E Qbarra

Ka'rhashan is the largest dragonborn settlement in Q'barra; in fact, it is the largest dragonborn settlement in all of Khorvaire. It is a holy site to the Q'barran dragonborn, and is seen as their ancestral home.[1]


When the dragonborn of Argonnessen first came to Khorvaire, they made Ka'rhashan their first colony. As the dragonborn expanded throughout Q'barra, Ka'rhashan became their capital. However, as quickly as the dragonborn empire began, it ended even quicker. After significant losses against the fiend of Haka'torvhak, Masvirik, the empire was destroyed. But over the centuries, the remaining dragonborn of Q'barra have reformed their individual colonies. Ka'rhashan remains the largest of these dragonborn settlements.[1][2]

Unlike most Q'barran dragonborn settlements, Ka'rhashan has opened its doors to outsiders, including humans, kobolds, and lizardfolk; however, non-reptilian visitors must be escorted by dragonborn at all times.[2]


122728 CN GL

A Q'barran dragonborn

Ka'rhashan lies on the western coast of the Crimson River, right by the entryway into the Basura Swamp. The settlement surrounds an ancient fiendish citadel from the Age of Demons: a great plaza set with brass towers and buildings created from volcanic stone and glass.[2] Written above the main gate of Ka'rhashan is the inscription "Duty before glory."[3]


To determine rulership of Ka'rhashan, the various dragonborn clans of the city fight a ritual war every five years. The elders of the winning clan become the administrators of the settlement. The Flamebrow clan has ruled Ka'rhashan for almost a century.[2]


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