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Jojo d'Jorasco is a bard adventurer bearing a Greater Mark of Healing. He and his companions have homes in Hareth's Folly, Middle Dura, Sharn in Breland and in the Sloths in Stormreach. He is a skilled lute player and singer.

He has done work for Elaydren d'Cannith and the Dark Lanterns.

Early LifeEdit

JoJo was born into Jorasco as a bastard child. His father was killed and his mother never told him why. Trying to make his way, JoJo joined the war effort, but like most of his House, he mainly played the medic part. Tending to what seemed like hundreds of soldiers, JoJo rarely entered the fray himself. On one occasion, however, JoJo was attacked while attending a severly wounded comrade. JoJo, bewildered and not knowing what to do, did the first thing that came to mind...and he started singing a song his mother sang to him as a child. Fascinated and drooling, the attacker stood motionless as JoJo's comrade used the last of his strength to defend JoJo, killing the attacker. The comrade died shortly after...

...After the fallen comrade incident, JoJo realized that he was *gasp* in the middle of a war and that *double gasp* people fight during wars. So, JoJo took what little spare time he had to train. He met another halfing of the roguish variety who agreed to spend some time teaching him how to handle a sword. While the rogue was not an expert, he was able to teach JoJo a fair amount of swordsmanship before one day, by accident, JoJo playfully swung his sword at the rogue and cut the rogue's left hand. With blood gushing, JoJo panicked before jumping to the rogue's aid. Unsure of JoJo's intentions, the rogue pulled his sword against JoJo, threatening him back. JoJo dropped his weapon and offered to heal the rogue lest the rogue's hand lose too much blood or become infected. After dropping his sword, JoJo suddenly found the rogue pouncing on him. Menacing, the rogue told JoJo to never approach him again. Then, the rogue pulled himself and his sword back and ran off. JoJo sat on the ground confused and wept...and later noticed his purse was gone...

Awards and CommendationsEdit


  • Tothban, shifter fighter
  • Ot, changeling rogue (a.k.a. Corporal Devlin Norfender)
  • Forneus, kalashtar psion

Associates and AcquaintancesEdit

Notes: Halfling, Bard, Member of House Joraso, Dragonmarked