The Jhorash'tar are an infamous clan of Orcs who reside in the Ironroot Mountains. These barbaric nomads attack anyone on sight and offer no chance for discussion. They despise the dwarves of the Mror Holds and actively hunt and attack their trading caravans and mining operations.


The Jhorash'tar were once found all over the Holds however, under the rule of Karrnath the dwarven civilizations prospered tipping the balance in the dwarves' favour. The Jhorash'tar were forcefully removed from their ancestral homes and pushed deeper into the wilderness. This historical grievance is why the Jhorash'tar hold such strong grudges against the dwarves and any who they perceive to have befriended them.

Plot IdeasEdit

The Jhorash'tar are fierce opponents and will attack anyone they perceive as an enemy on sight however, those who have goals similar to theirs can manage an alliance though, to those who wish to have an alliance with the orcs should be cautious when dealing with them.

Secret KnowledgeEdit

Spoiler warning: The following information is meant for GMs only and should not be read by players.

Despite the ever climbing birth rate of the Jhorash'tar their lifestyles and harsh and hold high levels of fatalities. Every generation the Jhorash'tar see their people falling further behind the dwarven civilizations. To balance this gap the Jhorash'tar way of life focusses on combat training effectively turning all their members into warriors capable of defending themselves and to lead attacks against caravans and mining operations.

A special few who excel in combat and leadership are given the title of Blood Spiller and receive much respect from other clansmen.


4th Edition

Jhorash'tar Bloodspiller Eberron Campaign Guide p.148

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