Jewels of Dazzling Light
3rd edition rules
Type Embedded
Category Basic
Magical Aura Moderate Illusion
Caster Level 7th
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, color spray, dancing lights, daze, flare, hypnotism, rainbow pattern
Price 17,000 gp
Weight 0.5 lbs.
Source Dragon Magazine issue #341

Jewels of dazzling light are clusters of various multicolored gemstones embedded in arcane patters around both forearms of a warforged. These warforged components glow faintly and pulse when exposed to light, sending arcs of rainbow colors across the warforged, slightly entrancing those that may deal with the warforged. In addition, each of these jewels may be activated to trigger a spell-like ability.[1]

3rd Edition MechanicsEdit

The glowing lights generated by the jewels of dazzling light grant a +2 enhancement bonus to Diplomacy checks made against the warforged. These jewels also grant a number of spell-like abilities when the warforged stands in bright sunlight: 5/day - dancing lights, daze (DC 10), flare (DC 10); 3/day - color spray (DC 11), hypnotism (DC 11); 1/day - rainbow pattern (DC 16). The jewels take up the bracers slot for the warforged.


  1. "Arcane Upgrade: Warforged Magic Items" (March 2005) by John PolojacDragon magazine issue 341. 

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