Jalira Stormtongue
Home Graywall, Droaam
Gender Female
Race Harpy
Class Warlord
4th edition rules
Level 11
Role Soldier
Alignment Evil
Source Backdrop: Graywall, pg. 28

Jalira Stormtongue is a member of the Flayer Guard, an elite squad of troops under the command of the governor of Graywall, Xor'chylic. Jalira Stormtongue commands a squad of gargoyles and harpy archers who serve as scouts and air support for the Guard. The Guard maintain order within the city of Graywall, and report to the war troll Korgel Blackblade.[1]


  1. "Backdrop Graywall" (October 2008) by Keith BakerDragon Magazine issue 368. 

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