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Ja'zhart (820 - 975 CY) was the long-standing ruler of the Twilight Walkers clan of the Cold Sun Tribes of lizardfolk. His reign lasted from 900 CY until his death in 975.

Ja'zhart was put into power over the tribes in 900 when the region of Q'barra belonged exclusively to the lizardfolk. He was appointed ruler after his brother Qual was slain on an expedition. Ja'zhart originally struggled with the position having devoted much of his earlier years to the study of the natural world and having little sense for the warlord politics of the clan. As he aged, however, Ja'zhart accomplished great things among the clan focusing on building a stronger clan through negotiations and diplomacy with the other Cold Sun Tribes, instead of through war. The Twilight Walkers were among the few Cold Sun clans who did not participate in the raiding of the settlements. Several times Ja'zhart attempted to send good will ambassadors to the settlements, but they were hastily shot down by the paranoid humanoids. Though he did not engage in the conflict Ja'zhart kept the ties with the rest of the Cold Sun clans strong and many other leaders admired his ability to stay out of the conflict, and yet remain trusted by the other clans.

Among his most noted accomplishments were striking the Vhak Za'shata with the human settlers of Q'Barra and providing an end to a conflict he opposed throughout his reign as ruler. Unfortunately Ja'zhart did not see the fruits of his labors with the settlers as he was slain just five years after striking the landmark accord in a battle with a troupe of Blackscale Lizardfolk. He has been succeeded by his eldest daughter Zu'Lerr who has made long strides in opening up trade routes with the cultured settlements in the two decades of her rule.

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