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Istaren d'Lyrandar (sorceress) was born on Stormhome to a Stormlord and his wife. Her family is a powerful family in the House Lyrandar and are closely related to the main line of the house. She was very young with when gained her power in sorcere. Istaren is not very strong and relies on her magic to help her and keep her safe. As she was growing up she would study out side unlike many the people she worked with because she loved the rain and wind. Soon her talent for magic was seen by the leader of the house how sent her to learn with the Twelve. As she study in the Twelve’s keep she meet Alexandria d'Phiarlan and Aldric d'Cannith which became her first friends, for the children of her house found her wired becaues unlike them she did not like to swim, fly kites and fight each other all the time but like to read books. As she and her friends study with the twelve she soon got a rival like her friends. Vardaen ir'Avies (necromancer) always tried to attack Istaren either with is words or magic. Unlike his friend Daren d'Thuranni he did not do it in the shadows but the attack in the public. So after levaeing finish her study she moves back to Stromhome and started to do her magical reached. But she could not get away for Vardaen ir'Avies. She always had to battle Him when very she published a paper or when to a meet. Istaren has a lot of links with the casters in The Wind Whisperers.

Wepons: none

long black hair

ocean blue eyes

6 "1

Religion: Aureon

Notes: Member of House Lyrandar, Sorcerer