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Isik d'Tharashk is a contract scout and guide for the Cyran Army from House Tharashk. Currently, Isik is the party's guide to the ancient Dhakaani empire ruins, where a relic wanted by the queen of Cyre and some missing operatives are presumed to be.

Isik always has a toothpick rolling in his mouth and generally has a cockney accent. He wears short, woolly black hair with a thick, neatly trimmed beard. A wolf-fur cloak and thick hide complements the dual scimitars at his hips. Arrogant, rude, and snarky, Isik is a straight up military style ranger. He's up-front and very sarcastic. Although, at times, the more human side of Isik can show its face. He is experienced in dropping into dangerous locales and getting out alive. He's trained in search and rescue ops as well as covert recon missions. Generally, Isik works alone. Occasionally, brass will put him on a mission to escort some adventurers.

Notes: Member of House Tharashk