The inspired, from Races of Eberron
Avg. Height 5'8" - 6'3"
Avg. Weight 130-220 lbs.
Homeland(s) Sarlona
Language(s) Common, Quori, Riedran
3rd edition rules
Creature Type Humanoid (Human, Psionic)
Advancement By character class
Size Medium
Ability Modifiers all characters start out with the elite array for their stat block
Favored Class Psion
Source Eberron Campaign Setting, pg. 291
4th edition rules
Creature Type Natural humanoid, inspired
Size Medium
Source Eberron Campaign Guide, pg. 192

The Inspired are Chosen humanoid vessels that have been possessed by a Quori spirit. Ruling over the ever expanding nation of Riedra in Sarlona the Inspired have slowly began expanding into Khorvaire starting to make trips to its eastern shores.