Identification papers

An Identification paper from the 4th edition Eberron Player's Guide

Identification Papers is an item first featured in the Eberron Campaign Setting and again in the Eberron Campaign Guide. Identification papers are key components to civilized life within the five nations. The papers are used to identify the owners and to prove the owner's identification in formal situations such as court proceedings and business. Normally only the upper and middle classes can afford identification papers.


Each set of identification papers come with a description of the owner, a name, a title and occupation, residency and affiliations. Citizens have the option to purchase a set of identification papers with a portrait though, the cost is more than twice the price of one without.


In both the 3.5 and 4th editions of the Player's Guides the prices for a set of identification papers are as follows.

  • Identification papers: 2gp
  • Identification papers (with portrait): 5gp

In the 3.5 edition's Player's Guide the option for forged papers are available, costing 10gp.

House SivisEdit

House Sivis's Notaries Guild notarizes identification papers throughout Khorvaire though the citizen's government are the issuers.


Player's are encouraged to photocopy and print their own identification papers which can be found on page 97 of the 4th edition Eberron Player's Guide.

Identification papers are not to be confused with travel papers which although look similar are in fact different items with different uses.


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