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Classes: Edit

  1. Clerics are always proficient in the favored weapon of their deity, even if martial or exotic. In my campaigns, it is assumed temples train their priests in the use of their deity's favored weapon (I also assume, however, that most of my players are into roleplaying enough to use this appropriately).

Skills: Edit

  1. All characters gain two extra skill points at each level (e.g. Fighters get 4/level, Rangers get 8/level, and Rogues get a princely 10/level!).
  2. Characters gain a +3 bonus to all class skills. Multiclass characters only apply the +3 once (so a multiclassed Rogue/Ranger doesn't get a +6 to stealth-related skills).
  3. Skill points are not multiplied by 4 at level 1, and the maximum number of ranks allowed in a skill is equal to your class level.
  4. For prestige class skill requirements, the +3 "trained skill" bonus counts towards "ranks needed".

The following skills get lumped together:

  1. Hide and Move Silently become Stealth.
  2. Spot and Listen become Perception.
  3. Use Rope gets rolled into Survival.
  4. Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate become Persuade.

Spells: Edit

  1. The "orb" spells from Complete Arcane/Spell Compendium are Evocation with SR: Yes.

Game Mechanics: Edit

  1. Iterative attacks:
  • At 6th level, you get a 2nd attack, but both attacks suffer a -2 penalty (-2/-2 instead of 0/-5).
  • At 11th level, the penalty drops to -1/-1 (instead of 0/-5/-10).
  • At 16th level, the penalty drops to -0/-0 (instead of 0/-5/-10/-20).